Summer Al Fresco Dining – vegan picnic essentials

The sun is shining and you’re ready to explore the great outdoors! You don your walking boots and pack a bag full of essentials – camera, map, a good book… and then there’s the picnic. Classic picnic food such as quiche, cheese and crackers, mini cocktail sausages and scotch eggs are all a no-go for vegans. So what choice do you have? There are so many wonderful alternatives and vegan inspired finger foods in the market place now (take the Greggs vegan sausage roll for example!) that you won’t be missing out. We’ve even found traditional hamper staples lovingly created with vegan-friendly alternative ingredients!

Here’s what’s in our picnic hamper:
1. Sandwiches: the picnic great. We opted for;
> ‘Tuna Mayo‘ – made with mashed chickpeas, with the option of adding nori (seaweed) for a more ‘fishy’ flavour. Thanks to  Veggie Desserts for the recipe!

> ‘Bacon’, Lettuce, Avocado & Tomato – made with smoked tofu ‘bacon’ –it mimics the texture of bacon. Combine that with avocado, lettuce and tomato and it’s a match made in haven. Find the recipe from The Vegan Larder.

2. ‘Sausage’ Rolls. If you’re not near a Greggs, make your own tantalising sausage roll, made with walnuts (that’s right) and mushroom. These meatless rolls from Exceedingly Vegan  are sure to be a big hit, even with meat-lovers.

Delicious. Plant-based. Easy. Nutritional

3. Crisps. Lots of exciting new brands to choose from but we can’t get enough of ‘Eat Real Sea Salt Hummus Crisps’ and ‘Hippeas Chickpea Puffs Sweet & Smokin’. YUM.

4. And not forgetting a sweet treat – these AMAZING ‘Snicker Bars’ from So Vegan  are simple to make. Syrup, peanuts and chocolate – what’s not to like!

5. Lastly, something to drink. Our Proudly Vegan Sauvignon Blanc from Chile’s Valle Central is zesty and refreshing with tropical fruit flavours of gooseberry, passion fruit and hints of mouth-watering fresh lime.  Available from Ocado, it’s 100% vegan and perfect to pair with picnic food. Or if you fancy something really special, pack a bottle of our vegan Prosecco – chin chin.


What’s in your picnic basket?


Proudly Vegan Picnic essentials