Why all wine isn’t vegan

For many, wine is automatically seen as being vegan-friendly, it’s just grapes right? Well the confusion lies not with the ingredients, but the way the wine is actually produced. Some wines use animal based products during the wine making process, where the liquid is filtered through substances called fining agents, used to remove protein, yeast and cloudiness, and other organic particles. Typical fining agents include; blood and bone marrow, caseins (milk protein), egg whites, and isinglass which is actually gelatin from fish bladder membranes. So how can it be filtered to ensure it becomes vegan-friendly? Plant based options include carbon, bentonite clay, limestone and plant casein to name a few can be used as the alternatives.

Here at Proudly Vegan wine, we take this one step further – clearly labelled and registered by the Vegan Society – this brand is 100% vegan friendly right down to the ink and glue on the label! No need to take painstaking time trying to figure out the labels – Proudly Vegan says it clearly!

Watch our video to find out more!