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Vegan wine... hooray

5.0 rating
Dec 5, 2020

I got a bottle of the Sauvignon blanc with an order from veganhamper. The wine is lovely, a bit dry for my taste but that’s not an insult to you.
It’s going down very well as we speak.


Absolutely delicious

5.0 rating
Aug 6, 2020

I drink a lot of prosecco and I have to say the proudly vegan must be the most delicious one I’ve tasted! Relaxed, mildly fruity, absolutely delicious. Will definitely be getting again!


Amazing little find

5.0 rating
Feb 5, 2019

Highly recommend to anyone. vegan and non vegan. Stunning, fresh, crisp red Merlot. Shocked only saw in a local B&M however maybe I’ve not looked hard enough. again, stunning and thanks for making such a beautiful red.

Lesley Collier


5.0 rating
Feb 5, 2019

Tried the Merlot tonight. Red wine isn’t usually my drink of choice but it was a very pleasant drink and tasted delicious. I’ll be buying it again and trying the Sauvignon soon too!

Vicki Gough